About Us

The Selah Challenge is about taking the time to pause, think, and act on the important things in life.

Selah Challenge was born out of a daily 66 mile commute to and from work over a span of 26 years. Reading every type of window sticker, bumper sticker, and license plate frame made me realize how many thought provoking items could be considered during a 45 second stop light idle.   

Many of us have chuckled at some clever writing on the back end of a car, or you have just sat there trying to figure out just what that personal license plate really means. We tend to focus on what’s in front of us, even though the radio is on, or we are endeavoring to prepare for the day’s business or focusing on the kids in the back seat. Sometimes it’s a nice diversion away from the mundane just to laugh out loud and think on something else for a brief moment of time.

Hi, my name is Don Gracey. I felt over those years that there must be a way to challenge people to consider how much they are loved by the Lord. I found myself sometimes frustrated at meaningless Christian bumper stickers that meant nothing to me as a follower of Jesus, and certainly must have meant absolutely nothing to all others. I wanted a fresh way to communicate the love of Jesus to all, in clear and thought provoking challenges. Reading in the Psalms one day exposed me to the word “selah” at the end of one verse, which I realized means to “stop, and calmly think about that.” I was so excited to finally connect my desire to be a seed sower, so to speak, to develop concise phrases that cause people to pause, think, and then act upon it. God wants people to turn to Him, and the Selah Challenge is designed to show His Love, Peace, and Joy to all who think about Him, and truly accept from Him His Love and Forgiveness in their lives. May He work in your heart. Listen closely to what He is saying directly to you, and truly act upon it!