What is the Selah Challenge?

The word “Selah” is used in a book of the Bible called the Psalms. (The Psalms are a collection of songs written by ancient kings and musicians in Israel. ) When written into the song lyrics, “Selah” is a word that instructs us to “pause, and calmly think of that.” How many times in your day to you take the time to pause and calmly think about something? We all need Selah in our lives, and the Selah Challenge is all about taking the time to pause, think, and act on things that matter in your life.

Selah Challenge is about providing thought provoking statements that will help you to think about your life, possibly in a new and different way.


Take the Challenge and become a Seed Sower at every stop on the road. Let drivers know that Jesus loves them, accepts them, and died for them, and give them an opportunity to accept Him as Savior and Lord.

How much do you know about Jesus Christ?

Have you ever read about Jesus in the Bible, or studied his teachings and life? So much of who Jesus is gets lost in our culture and stereotypes. Have you ever stopped to read what was recorded about His life in the Bible? Why He has impacted the world for over 2000 years? Why do people talk about having a relationship with Him?

Who is Jesus

Have you drifted away from the church?

Are you one of the many people who drifted away from the church at some point in your life? Were you hurt or confused by the people that were supposed to be representing Jesus? Did you lose touch at some point? Have you ever been challenged to explore who Jesus Christ is and reconnect?