You Can Share The Selah Challenge!

Selah Challenge stickers can be installed on:

  • Outside of car windows

  • Trunk (won’t hurt paint!)

  • Bumper (painted/chrome)

  • Windows (inside/outside)


  1. Rear car window installations must be kept away from the rear wiper path, and center stop light area.
  2. Clean and dry installation area.
  3. Peel off the backing.
  4. Start with one end of the sticker, and carefully lay it down from one side to the other, pressing firmly. Once on the surface, firmly press down from the center out to all edges.
  5. Don’t like where you placed it? Carefully lift one corner, gently lift it off, and reposition on another clean surface.


The Selah Challenge

Twenty-six years of reading bumper stickers and personal license plates on my daily commute has shown me how many thought provoking things can be considered during most 45 second stoplight idles. I felt over those years that there must be a way to challenge people to consider how much they are loved by the Lord with meaningful messages. That’s how the Selah Challenge was born.

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